Supercharge Your Node.js Cloud App: Unleash the Power of Observability with OpenTelemetry! - Zero One Technology

Supercharge Your Node.js Cloud App: Unleash the Power of Observability with OpenTelemetry!

Breakout Session: Understanding Node.JS Performance using OpenTelemetry – Doni Rubiagatra

Lost in a maze of glitches and code quality issues? Fear not! Your solution lies in observability! Join our Head of Engineering Doni Rubiagatra as he discusses Node.js performance and app/service data in this talk with CloudNative Indonesia.

Doni discusses how you can use OpenTelemetry to enforce observability ot generate, collect, and export telemetry data that is coupled with metrics, logs, and traces. As a result, you’ll get insights into your app’s performance which may include the ability to identify bottlenecks, troubleshoot which eventually leads to informed decision making. 

You can watch the video here: 

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