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Supercharge Your Node.js Cloud App: Unleash the Power of Observability with OpenTelemetry!

Lost in a maze of glitches and code quality issues? Fear not! Your solution lies in observability! Join our Head of Engineering Doni Rubiagatra as he discusses Node.js performance and app/service data in this talk with CloudNative Indonesia. Doni discusses how you can use OpenTelemetry to enforce observability ot generate, collect, and export telemetry data […]

Comparing Python’s Functional Programming Capabilities: Lessons from Haskell and Clojure

In the “Functional Programming in Python: Lessons from Haskell and Clojure,” talk, Anthony Khong assesses Python as a functional programming language. As a point of reference, Anthony compares Python against Haskell and Clojure to assess each language in terms of immutability, functional core and reusable data. Topics explored include writing idiomatic code while benefiting from […]

The Importance of the Mentor’s Role for Career Acceleration with Doni Rubiagatra

During a podcast with Riza Fahmi, our Head of Engineering Doni Rubiagatra highlights the importance of giving back to the community through sharing and seeking knowledge. As a part of his contribution to the community, Doni shares about his personal journey to becoming an engineering mentor.  For those wanting to be more involved in communities, […]

Ionic, React Native, and Flutter in One Nx Monorepo

By Rohmad Sasmito, Senior Product Engineer at Zero One Group One of the most common requests we, Zero One Technology (ZOT), get from our clients is to build cost-effective MVPs. We believe that building hybrid mobile apps fits the bill in terms of speed and cost. Previously, our approach had been to use Ionic as our […]

Zero One Group Newsletter #6

By Joanna N., Business Development Associate at Zero One Group January was a wild month in the news sphere, with everything from pandemic to politics making wacky headlines at the start of the year (did any of you have Viking Man storming the Capitol on your 2021 bingo card? No? Me neither). On that note, […]

Intern Blog Series: Maddie’s Zero One Journey Part 1 — Getting to Know the Shell

By Madeleine Pramoedya, Intern at Zero One Group (ZOG) ZOG recently launched its Intern Blog Series, highlighting the experiences of summer interns in various divisions. In this series, interns discuss what they have learned and how ZOG is preparing them for the working world. My name is Madeleine Pramoedya, and I am an intern in the […]

Preparing for the ‘New Normal’ in Indonesia: PPI UK x Zero One Webinar

By Daniela Sugih, Summer Intern at Zero One Group To what extent does the COVID-19 pandemic affect the technology industry? Can the agile mindset be implemented in other industries that are not technology-based? These were some of the questions that were addressed by Zero One Group’s Founders Ardhito Hendranata and Anthony Khong and Data Analyst Nanistya Probosutedjo, during their speaker series feature […]

Zero One Group Newsletter #1

By Nanistya Probosutedjo, Data Analyst at Zero One Technology Welcome to Zero One Group’s very first newsletter report! This newsletter started in an effort to “Think Better, Not Perfect” and keep learning. Hence, we decided to introduce the newsletter to keep up with the latest events and learn collectively. What makes our newsletter different is that we try to […]